Pamela Heath Obituary

Pamela Heath Obituary, A Native Of Oil City, PA, Has Died At The Age Of 69 – Death Cause

Pamela Heath Obituary, Death –  Pam was a passionate golfer who took part in a wide range of golfing competitions, including leagues and tournaments. In one of those events, she triumphed to the point that she was crowned “Lady Golfer of the Year.” Pam was a veteran who served in the military and was a part of the Oil City Veterans of Foreign Wars. Pam enjoyed spending time with her family and the family cat, also named Mercedes, as well as driving her Mercedes, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers on television, cooking, and eating the food they prepared together.

In addition to this, she had a wonderful time traveling all over the Caribbean with one of her closest friends, Linda Bixler, for a number of years. Together, they saw a lot of beautiful places and did a lot of interesting things. The following individuals are Pam’s surviving siblings: Nancy Hosack, who resides in Franklin; Leroy Winger and his wife Julie, who reside in Cranberry; Andy Winger and his wife Marilyn, who reside in Seneca; Larry Winger and his wife Sue, who reside in Oil City; Dan Winger Sr. and his wife Rita, who reside in Butler; and Larry Winger, who is Andy Winger’s son and resides in Butler.

There are a number of Sherry’s nieces and nephews, including Sherry Vogan and her husband Dan, Dessie McElhaney and her husband Joe, Kenny Winger and his companion Claudia, Susan Bradford and her husband Jeff, Kevin Fulmer, Tammy Silvis and her husband Allen, Melissa Newheard and her husband Bill, Dan Winger Jr. and his wife Ashley, Joyce Young and her husband David, and Bentley Winger. Additional nieces and nephews include Joyce, Dan Winger Jr., and his wife Ashley, as well as Dan Winger Jr.