Driftwood Middle School, Driftwood Middle School overview

Driftwood Middle School, Driftwood Middle School overview

Driftwood Middle School – Driftwood Middle School is the name of the middle school that can be found in the city of Hollywood, which is located in the state of Florida. This middle school has been given the designation of being a magnet school. The vast majority of the residences in the neighborhood are prime examples of typical suburban design and construction. There are a total of 1,348 students enrolled in grades 6-8 at the Driftwood Middle School.

This number indicates that the school has an enrolment overall in its student body. Students can start taking classes there in the sixth grade and continue through the eighth grade there if they so choose. The students at Driftwood Middle School had a passing rate of fifty percent on the section of the exam that was dedicated to mathematics, which indicates that they scored at or above the competent level in that particular area of the test.

On the other hand, when it came to the portion of the test that was focused on literature, 54% of students got a score that was at or above the competent level. Students who consider themselves to be members of a minority group make up 85 percent of the overall student body at this particular educational establishment. There are 19 students for every teacher in each classroom, and this student-to-teacher ratio is maintained the same way throughout the entire school system.

At this particular institution, there are 19 pupils for every single member of the teaching staff that is present. Male students make up 54% of the total student population, while female students make up 46% of the total student population. There are more male students than there are female students. The proportion of male students to the total number of enrolled students is significantly higher than the reverse.

72% of the students attending this school come from families that are financially struggling to meet their basic needs. At this particular establishment, there are not only seventy teachers who work in shifts that are equivalent to full-time labor, but there are also three counselors who are on staff full-time who provide students with direction. These teachers work in shifts that are equivalent to full-time labor.