Car Accident Somerset Count

Kristy Garcia Bridgewater NJ, Car Accident Somerset County, Kristy Garcia Has Died

Car Accident Somerset Count – Kristy Garcia’s life has been cut short in some way. When Garcia Brito was driving a Mazda 3 on Route 206 in the vicinity of Somerset Street in Somerville at approximately 2:20 in the morning, the vehicle went off the roadway while it was navigating a bend for reasons that have not been determined. The driver, Garcia Brito, was not injured in the incident.

The deadly collision that took place early on Friday morning in Somerville only had one occupant, and that person was Garcia Brito, 25 years old. The collision took place early on Friday morning. She was killed in a serious car accident that took place on the morning of March 10, 2023, and she passed away very shortly after the occurrence. Kristy was a very proud alumna of both Middlesex Community College, from which she received her associate’s degree, and Rutgers University, from which she graduated and would have walked this spring semester.

At Middlesex Community College, she earned her associate’s degree. At Rutgers University, she earned her bachelor’s degree. She had the most compassionate heart of anyone who had ever been in her company, and she gave an extraordinary amount of effort in all that she undertook. During this time of sadness, we would be thankful for any donations made to help with the costs associated with her funeral. We are completely and utterly devastated by this unexpected loss, and we would appreciate any aid that can be given.

We wish to express our profound appreciation to you from the very center of our beings. After initially colliding with another vehicle, the vehicle then went on to hit a curb and a power pole. Garcia Brito, a resident of Bridgewater, New Jersey, was identified as the person who perished in a fatal car accident that took place early on Friday morning in Somerset County. The incident took place in Somerset County.