Barton Peveril College In Eastleigh Stabbing Today, Police Attend Reported Stabbing At Sixth Form college

Barton Peveril College In Eastleigh Stabbing Today – In the early hours of today, officers were dispatched to the Barton Peveril College in Eastleigh in response to a complaint of a stabbing that had taken place there. There have been reports of students attempting to find safety in the gymnasium of a sixth-form college in Eastleigh, Hampshire, which has been placed under lockdown due to an active threat.

According to unreliable reports, there was a stabbing that took place at Barton Pevril College. Nevertheless, this information cannot be confirmed. Because she thought the event was so “terrifying,” one worried mother wrote on social media that she was currently waiting outside the school. She made the following observation: “I NEVER thought I’d be sitting outside of my daughter’s college while they had an active lockdown and without knowing what’s happening,” she said. This is f***ing terrifying to say the least.

The local media is said to have reported on a statement made by another mother, who claimed that her daughter was texting while on campus. She said this in an interview with the Southern Daily Echo, which may be found here: “BP College is the location from which my daughter is contacting me. “She saw perhaps six boys who were not pupils at the school chasing after a boy, and it appeared to be a potentially dangerous situation.”

She made a beeline for her classroom, which resulted in the establishment of an urgent lockdown. The narrator explains that the lights were off and the door was locked while the subject was sitting on the floor. At the time, there were armed police officers conducting rounds inside the building. She went on to remark that “She has been obliged to return to class, and she is in a very agitated state.” [Continued from previous sentence]

“As of this moment, I have not been in contact with the college in any way,” Do you have any prior knowledge regarding the occurrence that took place? If you have any questions, you can reach the Mirror at we.