Alexis Cintron Suicide, An Ichabod Crane Central School District Student Has Died

Alexis Cintron Suicide – A tragic outcome occurred when a young person who lived in the Ichabod Crane Central School District and attended school in that district tried to take his or her own life and later passed away as a result of the effort. Alexis Cintron A community is able to grieve during times of distress while also banding together as a cohesive entity to assist those who are in need of assistance.

We would like to politely suggest that you give some thought to the potential of making a contribution to assist with the financial support of our endeavor in honor of Alexis Cintron, one of our fellow Riders. The contribution would help support this work financially. A blazing fire that was extinguished by the application of water far too soon after it had been started in the first place.

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