Wally Cale Obituary

Wally Cale Obituary, Wally Cale Has Sadly Passed Away – Death Cause

Wally Cale Obituary, Death –  There is now no longer any shred of reasonable doubt that Wally Cale has departed from this life. When Wally Cale initially began his career as a teacher, the only school in the area that had openings open at the time was LeRoy Ostrander High School. As a result, Wally was given the responsibility of teaching at that school. There, in the year 1957, he made his initial acquaintance with another educator by the name of Caroline Kjome, whom he would go on to marry a few years after their initial meeting.

The married pair made their initial investment in real estate in 1963 when they bought the Lone Lake Resort in Aitkin, Minnesota. This was their first real estate purchase. This was the first piece of real estate that they had ever purchased. When they were the proprietors of the property, they kept the title in their names for a combined total of 14 years while they owned it. Again in 1963, Wallace transferred schools, this time to Goodridge High School, where he began teaching an adult version of the Agriculture and Commerce course. Wallace had previously taught at Goodridge Junior High School.

Before moving on to other endeavors, Wallace was a teacher at Goodridge Junior High School. Wallace had a long and successful career in education and had previously held a position at Goodridge Junior High School. After 33 years of dedicated devotion to the company, he took early retirement and continued working at the Shodean farm in Audubon until he was 84 years old. In total, he had been employed by the company for a total of 84 years. He worked nonstop for the entire 33 years and did not take a single day off.

His children are the only members of his family to have survived him. They currently live in the states of Utah’s Kirsti Kjome, New Mexico’s Paul Shodean, and Tennessee’s Julie Sharier. His wife passed away when he was a young child. The many different branches of the extended family have resulted in a total of six grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren. Throughout his time serving in the ministry, Wallace was a part of several different congregations, including Grace Lutheran Church, which was one of those congregations.