East High School Shooting, 17-year-old Sentenced For Role In Deadly East High shooting

East High School Shooting, 17-year-old Sentenced For Role In Deadly East High shooting

East High School Shooting – A young guy who was apprehended and accused with carrying out a fatal shooting in front of East High School in 2022 has been handed a sentence of life in prison with the chance of release. The killing took place in 2022.

Romeo Perdomo’s sentence was carried out within the building that is home to the Polk County Criminal Courts. There have been ten juveniles charged in connection with the shooting that resulted in the death of Jose David Lopez, who was 15 years old.

He is one of the juveniles who has been charged in connection with the shooting. Even though he was not enrolled at East High School, he was one of the three people who were injured in the incident; the other two victims were students.

He referred to it as his “dumb mistake,” and Perdomo expressed sorry for it. The words were spoken by Lopez’s mother, Deborha Perez, who remarked, “You say you’re sorry.” “I believe you.” “It is too late to do anything about it now because there is nothing I can gain by doing so.

There is no way that will bring back my son if I do that.” Perdomo was just 16 years old when he was arrested and charged with the crimes he was accused of. One count of murder in the first degree and two counts of attempted murder were included in the list of charges brought against him.

According to the investigation filed by the police, the alleged attack on Lopez by Perdomo occurred in March of 2022 when he and the others were driving through East High School.

Nonetheless, in spite of the fact that Perdomo wanted his case to be handled in juvenile court, the application to do so was denied. His admission of guilt was a condition of the plea deal that permitted him to have his case reviewed for possible release from jail at some point during the term of his life sentence.

Perdomo is also ordered to pay $150,000 in restitution.