Carl Porter Obituary

Carl Porter Obituary, A US Paratrooper On D-Day Has Died – Death Cause

Carl Porter Obituary, Death – The passing of a great American hero has just occurred. Carl Porter was a paratrooper who participated in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day and made a significant contribution to the triumph of the Allied forces over the Axis powers during World War II. Also, he was my grandma’s first cousin on her mother’s side. Carl went away on Sunday morning in the retirement community in Peoria, Illinois, that he and his wife had shared with one another.

We are  pleased that people were able to talk to him and tell his tale on the news before it was too late. I am overjoyed that I had the opportunity. I pray that the United States of America will be blessed by God. The Wilton Mortuary in Peoria, Illinois informed the general public of the passing of Carl Porter on February 18, 2023, which occurred on Saturday. This information was made available by the mortuary.
Marie, his wife of 51 years, will miss him very much and think of him with affection always, and they will never forget him.

His children are Carl Jr., who is married to Tammy and lives in Springhill; Anna, who is married to John and lives in Alberta; and Thomas, who is married to Darlene and lives in Oxford. All three of his children are married and live in their respective states. All of these people are referred to as the ancestor’s grandchildren: Matthew, Jessica, Kristie, Lucas, and Alaina. in addition to having a number of nieces and nephews, she also has a good number of great grandchildren. Grandchild Thomas, along with Carl’s siblings Stella and Charles, passed away before Carl himself. Carl was the oldest of the four. Carl was a very active member of the community that was centered on All Saints Anglican Church. Carl took great pleasure in making others laugh, spending time with his friends and family, and telling jokes.