lexi strader Car Accident, Mother of 2 and currently pregnant Anderson IN – Death Cause

lexi strader Obituary, Death – According to the sheriff’s office, the mother, who was pregnant, and her two young children were unable to get out of the car before it caught fire, which resulted in the deaths of all three people. On Sunday, in Delaware County, a car accident that the victim’s family was riding in resulted in all three of their deaths. The mother, who was pregnant at the time, and her two small children perished in the blaze.

According to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, a woman in her fifties was behind the wheel of a PT Cruiser with her daughter and two of her younger grandchildren passengers. When the accident occurred, they were driving north on South County Road 600 West when they drove off the road and hit a culvert in a rural region between Anderson and Muncie.

According to the sheriff’s office, the vehicle rolled over several times before coming to a halt on its side in a field next to the road. On the county road, Myron Kronz was following the woman’s car in close proximity to it. He did not see the vehicle leave the roadway, but he did see that it was on fire and pulled the driver out of the burning vehicle after he stopped to help.

“It was not until the third try that we were successful in pulling her up. I am well aware that I am an elderly man with a weak back. There is just no way that I could have accomplished that with just my own power. If God hadn’t helped me by giving me the power to pull the woman out, I never would have succeeded in doing so “remarked the 78-year-old man.

According to Kronz of 13News, the mom refused to get out of the car without her children. “That day was the most difficult I’ve ever had to face. I will never, ever forget those wretched young children “he stated. The driver’s blood was drawn for analysis by the investigators, and their findings indicate that she was not inebriated at the time of the collision.

The Delaware County Coroner’s Office was asked for assistance with the inquiry, but they have not yet disclosed the names of the people who were killed in the incident.