Capitola Stabbing, Police Investigating Attempted Homicide Stabbing

Capitola Stabbing – The police have opened an investigation into a possible attempt on the life of a person who was stabbed, and they are looking into whether or not the person attempted to take their own life. The person who was stabbed is currently the subject of the investigation. On Monday evening, a person attempted to kill another individual with a knife, and the Capitola Police Department has announced that they will investigate this attempted homicide. The attempted homicide involved a knife. The occurrence took place in the evening on Monday.

A dispute that had just broken out in the 1800 block of Wharf Road prompted the local police department to respond there at roughly 4:41 in the afternoon. The conflict was resolved in that particular spot. A male youngster was injured as a result of the dispute that took place, and the injury was caused by a knife wound. The fight was between two other male minors, both of whom were juveniles. The patient was taken by helicopter to a trauma center in the area, where the attending physicians have described the patient’s status as stable but serious at the present time.

According to the reports, the two juvenile suspects are thought to have fled the area on foot and were last seen walking in the approximate direction of 48th Avenue. This is the direction in which they were last seen traveling. This information was voluntarily provided by the police for the inquiry. Officers have reported that an investigation is currently being carried out, and anyone who believes that they may have information that is pertinent to this inquiry is strongly encouraged to get in touch with the Capitola Police Department as soon as possible. The Capitola Police Department can be reached.