Betsy Saxe Obituary

Betsy Saxe Obituary, At Age 65 Betsy Saxe Has Sadly Passed Away – Death Cause

Betsy Saxe Death, Obituary – Every day, to the greatest extent that we are able, my spouse and I consider how valuable life is and do a mental inventory of all the things that are positive in our surrounding surroundings. Since we first held our annual Gala of Giving and ‘Golf for Our Guests’ Event, Rick and Betsy have been two of the most generous contributors and supporters of the event. They have made the trip all the way from Rochester to be here with us throughout the course of these years, so that they may take part in a number of these events that are being held in person. Everyone who has had the opportunity to speak with them at these events has been moved and inspired by the smiles, laughter, and generosity that they have showed.

Betsy Saxe was a treasured friend, a loyal supporter, and a member of the Sarah’s Guest House family who developed into one of our heroes. We are heartbroken by her passing because she was all of these things. This is a sentiment that we wish to express, but we do it with the utmost regret. After surviving a catastrophic spinal injury that left her permanently paralyzed as a consequence of a vehicle accident that took place on February 13, 2016, Betsy lived for seven years with grace, fortitude, and bravery despite the fact that she was unable to walk again.

Due to the injury, she was unable to move from the waist down. Her zeal and optimism were not dampened in the least by this turn of events. They are a genuine partnership and an inspirational pair who we all adore and cherish to a great degree since they have weathered this long and arduous route of mental and physical ups and downs together. According to what Rick stated in his own words in an appeal that he had written for us in the year 2020, “Following the accident, Betsy and I have redirected our lives, living day to day, moment to moment,” in this plea, he had written for us in the year 2020.

This is especially true for those who have had the opportunity to interact with them during these events. Both Rick, our house visitor in 2016, and Betsy, who was hospitalized as a result of the accident, have left a significant mark on Sarah’s Guest House. Rick stayed with us while Betsy was recovering from the accident. Because of what happened to Betsy, Rick will be staying with us. Betsy was getting hospice care at the time of her passing on February 15, 2023, at the age of 65.

It had been almost exactly seven years to the day that the disaster occurred. The things about her that will stick out in our minds the most are her determination and her contagious smile. Our fondness for her will survive because to the strong relationship that we have with Rick, who has been the embodiment of love and dedication to his cherished Betsy. During this trying moment, we are all there to comfort him with hugs and kisses.