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Jim Nunn Obituary, The Former Host Of CBC News Has Died – Death Cause

Jim Nunn Obituary, Death – After a courageous battle against cancer, Jim Nunn, who once hosted CBC News Nova Scotia at Six, Land and Sea, and Marketplace, passed away not too long ago. Jim Nunn was a host on all three of those programs. Nunn fought against the illness for a very considerable amount of time. On the evening of Sunday, December 3rd, at approximately 6:00 o’clock, Nunn died away in a hospital in Antigonish, which is situated in the province of Nova Scotia.

He was 72. According to his family, the memorial service honoring his life will take place at some point during the spring, although the precise day and time of the funeral services that will be held are not yet determined with absolute certainty. “James was a man who exuded a substantial amount of originality despite his young age. Many people in Nova Scotia recognized him as an outstanding journalist, but those who were close to him believed that, at the center of his being, he was a stunning illustration of what it means to be a good example of what it is like to be a human being.

” In a conversation that he had with CBC News, Bruce Nunn, Nunn’s brother, shared his thoughts and feelings. Bruce claims that his brother Jim began his career in broadcasting while their father was still sitting on their grandfather’s knee “behind the microphone of CJFX radio in Antigonish… so Jim got into the industry pretty early.” According to Bruce, Jim started his career in broadcasting while their father was still sitting on their grandfather’s knee.

Bruce has claimed that he has received online condolence comments from people discussing the impact that Bruce’s brother had on their professional lives. These people were discussing the influence that Bruce’s brother had on their professions. These remarks were discovered on a variety of online discussion boards. His time spent working for CBC began in the 1970s and lasted until the 2000s, making it a career that spanned the entirety of three decades. Nunn was well-known for his reporting from key events that took place in Nova Scotia, such as the Westray mining tragedy, as well as his coverage of local elections. In addition, Nunn was noted for his coverage of municipal elections. Nunn also reported on other noteworthy occurrences throughout the province.