Eric Welch Obituary Springfield Illinois, Eric Welch Has Died - Death Cause

Eric Welch Obituary Springfield Illinois, Eric Welch Has Died – Death Cause

Eric Welch Death, Obituary – Eric Welch, 49, of Gilbertsville, Texas, previously of The Colony, Texas, husband of Kimberly Allison (Frey) Welch, passed away in Dewey Beach, Delaware, on June 27, 2021, exactly one day before his 50th birthday. Eric Welch was the spouse of Kimberly Allison (Frey) Welch. His last day was filled with all of his favorite activities, including lounging in the sand and sun, sipping margaritas, and indulging in juicy burgers.

Evergreen Park, Illinois is where he began his life, but his parents, Jack and Kathleen Susan (Pechloff) Welch, hail from Sanatoga, Pennsylvania. Eric was known as “Dunky” by his closest friends, and the only time you would hear the name “Eric” in his house is when Kathy (his mom) would scream “Eric Christopher!” and you knew it was serious. Eric spent the majority of his childhood in The Colony, Texas, and he had many good friends with whom he still kept in touch.

His best friend was John Waesch, who thankfully shared, “Eric was known as “Dunky” by his closest friends Eric was an extremely devoted buddy who considered his buddies to be an extension of his family. After playing for the TCHS soccer team and going on to play college soccer at Brookhaven College in Texas, Eric was an outstanding goalie for both teams.

There was a running joke among his closest friends that Eric played goalkeeper so that he could wear the flashy goalkeeper outfit, which consisted of costly gloves, expensive shirt, slacks, and always a headband. In addition to being a fantastic soccer player, Eric was also a phenomenal volleyball player. He never lost his appreciation for the more refined aspects of life. Dunky was liked by some people and loathed by others, but the most important thing to him was that he was observed by everyone, and he preferred it that way. The ZB Boys want you to know that they will miss you till we cross paths again someday, Dunky.