Chilly Farrell Obituary, Chilly Farrell Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Chilly Farrell Obituary, Death – We learned of our friend Chilly Farrell’s loss with a heavy heart when we received the news of his passing. Chilly was one of life’s wonderful people and a devoted fan of the band, from the time we first hit the road until now, when he has continued to show his love and support for us throughout the years. We would like to express our sincerest condolences to Chilly’s wife Trish, as well as to his kids Stephen and Paul, as well as to many of Chilly’s other close friends and family members.

William “Chilly” Farrell was a dear friend and coworker of ours here at Finglas United, and it is with a heavy heart that we have to relay the incredibly sad news that he has died away. His passing is a tremendous loss to all of us. Chilly has been a part of the club for close to three decades, during which time he has managed a number of different teams in the club’s many competitions. Chilly has been an active member of the club’s fundraising and weekly lotto committees for the better part of the last quarter of a century.

A man who was secure in his own ability to make decisions, in true “Chilly” fashion, he took care of all that needed to be done for the club without any pomp or ceremony, and he was present each and every week to aid the club in his own distinctive manner. Everyone who ever had a true friendship with him during the course of their professional lives will grieve his passing terribly. His passing will be deeply missed by those people.

The memories he leaves behind are the kind that will be seared into our thoughts for all of eternity. Not only did he leave an indelible impact on people he worked for over the years, but also on those he was responsible for while he was still living. He has left an indelible mark on them. People often say that friends are the families that we pick, and the fact that Chilly became a member of our Club has made it much more fun for all of us and has made it richer.