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Jeff Mason Obituary, Jeff Mason Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jeff Mason Death, Obituary – On Friday evening, with a heavy weight weighing heavily on my heart, Jeff Mason died away. During the course of more than 25 years, he served as a fuel oil delivery vehicle for us while also being a wonderful friend and member of our family. During the course of World War II, Jeff made his way to Hazleton. Both of his parents, Donald Mason and Florence (Friedman) Mason, passed away before he was born. He was their son.

Jeff completed his undergraduate studies at Arizona State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from the College of Business Administration there. He is a former student at the university. After that, he established himself as a prosperous businessman. Following the completion of his schooling, he obtained a position as a product manager as well as a credit manager at the Leader Department Store, which is located in the central business district of Hazleton.

The year 1972 was the year that he was promoted to the position of manager of the human resources department. It was his idea to create the Employees Defined Benefit Pension Plan in addition to the LDP Inc. Workers Handbook. He was also responsible for its development and implementation. When employees at LDP Inc. chose to organize a union, he was the one who handled all of the conversations that took place during that time.

In addition to that, he served for the prior six years in the 165th Military Police Unit of the Pennsylvania National Guard in Hazleton Heights. This unit is located in the Hazleton Heights area. In 1968, he became one of the very first stockholders in LDP Inc., which would eventually be renamed Leader Data Processing, and he was elected to serve as treasurer on the board of directors of the company. He was also one of the initial stockholders. 1972 was the year that he fully assumed responsibility for the LDP’s financial operations and operations overall.