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Dan Lynch Obituary, Rochester NY, Dan Lynch Has Died – Death Cause

Dan Lynch Obituary, Death – Dan Lynch, also known as Danimal, was a close friend of ours who passed unexpectedly suddenly last night as the result of a deadly ascending aortic dissection. Dan Lynch was fondly referred to as Danimal by his friends and family. We are obligated to write this to you, Danimal, with a level of regret that is difficult to express into words due to the nature of the situation.

About seven o’clock, he got in touch with us and told us that he was feeling the signs of what he thought was a heart attack. He also shared the news with us that he thought he was having one. After he phoned the number for the emergency services, we did not wait any further time before arriving to his home in Rochester. Once he had phoned the number, we did not spend any additional time there.

When we arrived, they had just completed putting him in the ambulance and were getting ready to depart. When we arrived, they had just finished putting him in the ambulance. As we came, they were in the process of placing him in the ambulance, and they had just finished. He presented himself in the operating room for the procedure, which lasted for six hours and fifty minutes, in the event that it was discovered that open-heart surgery was required.

It would indicate that a significant number of other people had the same level of attachment for that young child as we did. We were filled with an overwhelming amount of love and compassion for the tiny child. The vast majority of times, the parents are the very last people to be informed about the circumstance that has arisen.
It is not a secret that a few of the people on my friend list are also connected to Danimal in some manner, and this is something that everyone knows. You are free to get in touch with me at any moment utilizing this platform in the manner of your choosing. You are in no way obligated to keep this information to yourself and are free to discuss it with anyone else who you think might be interested in it.