Becky Razor Obituary Lewisville Indiana, Has Died - Death Cause

Becky Razor Obituary Lewisville Indiana, Has Died – Death Cause

Becky Razor Obituary, Death – Rebecca (Becky) J. Razor passed away on February 3, 2016, at the age of 66, while a patient at the St. Vincent Hospice in Indianapolis. She considered the community of Lewisville in Indiana to be her permanent residence. On October 17, 1949, she was born in New Castle, Indiana to Nelson Tee and Eva (Choate) Razor, both of whom have now died away. Her parents are no longer with us. The year 1949 marks the year of her birth to her parents.

Over her life, Becky has held a variety of jobs, including those in the fields of cosmetology, real estate, pastry arts, and education, including those of hairdresser, real estate agent, cake designer, and classroom assistant. She was exceptionally talented in the arts and possessed a substantial amount of creative skill; as a result, she was able to achieve any goal that she set her mind to. In her leisure time, she enjoyed a variety of other interests, such as fishing, reading, drawing, and sewing.

She also liked to sew. It was unheard of for her to leave the house without first securing her fishing rod in the trunk of the vehicle. The one thing that Becky looked forward to most anxiously in the following weeks and months was being able to spend time with her family, particularly her grandchildren, and Larry. Her husband, Larry Lawson, of Lewisville; her three daughters, Erika (Audie) Waters of Modoc.

Krista (Glenn) Thompson of New Castle, and Angi (John) Rodriguez of Springport; her four granddaughters, Brenna Koontz, Jacie Koontz, and Alivia Koontz of Springport; and Cassie Crandall of New Castle; her step-granddaughter, Emma Thompson of New Castle; and her three brothers all survive her. Before Becky, her parents, her brother Tom Razor, and both of Becky’s granddaughters, Kyndal Glaser and Eva Marie Waters left for their trip. Before they left. After her parents, her siblings, and all of her extended relatives, Becky was the last living member of her direct family.