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Brian Phelps Obituary, United Kingdon EU, Brian Phelps Has Died – Death Cause

Brian Phelps Obituary, Death – On Father’s Day, he grinned with pride as he remembered about the day he took his father to the winner’s circle and the pits, two of his father’s favorite locations to visit at the racetrack. He also took his father to the pits, which was one of his father’s favorite places to visit. After coming to the conclusion that they required additional room for their family, they uprooted their lives and went to Ohio, where Brian established his own company, ROCKSource Drywall Specialists, which has been running effectively for the past 15 years.

They built the house in which they lived as a family together, making memories that would last a lifetime for the family as a whole. In the course of building the house, he imparted upon his kids important lessons about life and instilled in them a strong work ethic. In addition to all of that, he possessed a wonderful sense of humor. Never was ever a moment in his life when he was unable to locate the humor in any given situation and then share it with others! As long as he was able to make people laugh, he didn’t care if he made a fool of himself.

As a result of this, those who knew him were able to learn from him not to put an excessive amount of value in what other people had to say as a result of what happened. He is survived by his loving wife Kathy Phelps; sons Kross Phelps and Kragen Phelps; Joseph Smith; brothers Jeff Phelps and Jason (Corinna) Phelps, sister-in-law Crystal Phelps, and brother and sister-in-law Kelly (Teresa) Hammond; grandmother Mary Phelps and mother Sharon Fagan; cousins Erik Stoltenberg, Kelly Fanello, and Jody Johnson; 11 nieces and nephews; 7 cousin Before Brian was born, both his father, Jeffrey Michael Phelps, and his grandpa, Orville “Bud” Phelps, as well as his grandmother, Peg, and grandfather, Rocco Fanello, and his aunt, Linda Fanello, all went away. Brian is the only surviving member of his immediate family.