Stanley Breed Obituary, 69-year-old Man Missing Has Been Found Dead - Death

Stanley Breed Obituary, 69-year-old Man Missing Has Been Found Dead – Death

Stanley Breed Death, Obituary – According to the Paradise Department of Police, the body of a man named Stanley Breed, 69, who had been reported missing, was discovered in the 5700 block of Skyway. A report of a missing man, later identified as Breed, was received by the Paradise Police Department on Tuesday at around 6:09 p.m., according to the department’s statement.

It was between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. when, according to the police, Breed was left off near the intersection of Skyway and Neal Road after being released from Enloe. Within a distance of less than a quarter mile from his house, Breed was discovered. According to the police, the Breed family did not find out that their loved one had been released from the hospital on Monday until the day after he was reported missing.

In the course of a number of years, they expanded their agricultural operation in Richardson County and into the neighboring state of Missouri. This continued up until 1971, when Phil parted ways with his stake in the farming operation. A year later, Richard and Jean purchased a farm in the vicinity of Steinauer, Nebraska, and they moved their family there. They remained there for two years before moving to their current farmstead, which is located northeast of Stella, Nebraska. They remained on the property close to Stella until Jean’s death in 2012, at which point they moved. Richard rarely talked about his achievements in either his personal or professional life, but when he did, he was quick to point out that any credit that was due belonged to Jean, whom he loved very much.

The reason for the death has not been disclosed at this time. His marriage to Melva Jean Shroyer took place at the Pleasant View Methodist Church in rural Humboldt, Nebraska, on September 2, 1956. On Christmas Day in 1955, after a swift courtship that had its beginnings at Tiny’s Cafe on the northern outskirts of Auburn, Richard popped the question to Jean. The couple established their first house south of Howe, Nebraska, and eventually relocated to a family farm located just west of Shubert, Nebraska, following the formation of a business partnership with Phillip Johnson, a native of Shubert.