Harvey shooting, many fear dead in fatal Harvey shooting incident

Harvey shooting, many fear dead, fatal Harvey shooting incident

Harvey shooting- According to the authorities, numerous persons have been slain in a shooting that took place on Thursday morning in Jefferson Parish. The incident took place during Harvey. According to the information provided by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, deputies are currently working a scene in Harvey’s 1100 block of Curtis Street near 11th Street where there are a great number of injured people. The sheriff’s office did not reveal any other information regarding the event; however, they did claim that additional details would be made public at a later time. This is despite the fact that they did disclose that additional details would be made public. There is a substantial presence of law enforcement personnel in the area, including Sheriff Joe Lopinto, who is currently present at the scene of the incident. The journalists were informed by deputies who were present at the scene that the shooting had resulted in the deaths of a significant number of persons.

The West Jefferson Medical Center in a Nutshell

In the United States state of Louisiana, the city of Marrero is home to the West Jefferson Medical Center (West Jefferson), a community hospital that features a total of 419 available patient beds. It is located in a section of New Orleans known as the Westbank, and the city’s central business district can be reached on foot in approximately fifteen minutes. The West Jefferson Medical Center started welcomed patients and visitors in the year 1956. It offers an extensive variety of medical services and may be found in the Jefferson, Plaquemines, and St. Charles Parishes on the Westbank of the city of New Orleans. Large industrial and nautical routes can be found in the region to the surrounding area.